During your full assessment of your hearing loss Wellington Hearing Care will...

Firstly we will discuss the background to your hearing problems and what you have experienced including any relevant medical factors.

Some questions you may be asked are:
  • What kind of problems have you noticed with your hearing?
  • Do you have the TV louder than you used to or than others who watch with you?
  • Are you finding it more difficult in groups of people or in situations with background noise?
  • Are you asking people to repeat what they have said?
  • Are there activities that you are not doing because you find it difficult to hear?
Once we get a picture of your lifestyle, what situations you struggle in and which ones you would like to improve we can help you find a solution you’ll be happy with.


  – This is a simple check where we look into your ear canal to make sure that it is healthy and not blocked with wax.


  – This is a quick and painless way of checking the way your middle ear is working. It only takes a few seconds and feels a bit like going up a hill in a car as it puts a little bit of air pressure into your ears.


 – This is the main part of your hearing check – we measure the quietest sounds that you can hear using a series of beeps/tones. The results are plotted on a graph and give us a picture of your hearing compared to normal hearing. It is painless and tests the whole hearing system.


 – Once we have the full picture we will explain the results to you in plain English. We can then discuss the options available to you for the best way forward, and whether or not hearing aids are the solution for you.

Your hearing and your lifestyle are unique and hearing devices come in many different shapes, styles (and colours). Some are fully automatic, some have controls you can adjust.

Wellington Hearing Care can help you choose the best solution for your needs and program them specifically for you.

This is a no obligation Free Hearing Assessment, so you will be able to decide for yourself if Wellington Hearing Care has the right solution for you.
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